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Souss-Massa National Park

The Souss-Massa National Park which is located about 800 metres southwest of LaDune is an ecological jewel and an ornithological sensation.

The Park, covering 34 000 hectares, lies in a climatic zone which combines a warm-temperate climate with the dry desert climate. As a result, on the dunes a rich variety of plant species have evolved and serve as winter quarters for numerous birds. In particular the rare bald ibis can be seen in great numbers. Cormorants and flamingos, too, depending on the season, are no rare sight.

In the spring the Park is a splendid sea of bloom - wild flowers, broom and daisies.

Those who spend the night at LaDune can visit the Nature Reserve first thing in the morning – particularly at dawn and dusk, the Park is an impressive experience.


Spoonbill at Sidi R'Bat